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  • With a whirlpool, organic sauna, steam bath, solarium, cruising area, relaxation cabins, cold bath, foot basin, rain shower and bar on two floors, Paragonya is one of the most advanced gay saunas in Zurich. Perfect hygiene and cleanliness is a matter of course for us. We work daily to offer the gay community the best feel-good experience. Paragonya Gay Wellness Club

Bio Sauna

A bio sauna is a gentle variant of the Finnish sauna. Here, a comparatively lower room temperature of around 55 degrees Celsius is generated with a combination sauna heater. On the other hand, the humidity is higher than in other types of sauna, at around 40 to 55 percent.

In addition, different phases of sweating and cooling are passed through. As a result, the bio sauna has a health-promoting and skin-care effect.


A bath in the whirlpool not only affects the musculoskeletal system. The heat dilates blood vessels and regulates blood pressure. The spa effect goes even further: a whirlpool bath is also helpful for better blood circulation in the internal organs. Finally, the blood is better distributed and stimulated in the body.

cold water pool

After a sauna session, the cold water pool revitalizes the body. The temperature change stimulates the metabolism and gets the circulation going. Before immersing yourself, you should slowly lower the temperature of your body, which has been heated up by the sauna session. All cold baths usually only last a few moments.

steam bath

Steam increases well-being. The scents in the steam bath with a temperature of approx. 40 degrees and a humidity of 90 to 100 percent revitalize skin and hair and at the same time have a liberating effect on the respiratory tract.

rain showers

Our rain showers simulate warm summer rain and the relaxing effect of a tropical waterfall. The enlarged shower head ensures that your entire body is evenly covered with water, like standing in the rain.

rest cabins

Our discreet rest cabins are available for relaxation at any time. We provide you with condoms and lubricants free of charge. Enjoy the variety.

Glory Holes & Swing Sling & St. Andrew's Cross

We also offer that. Our discreet Glory Holes cabins are always available for a change. Let yourself be surprised and enjoy the extraordinary.


Sunlight and regular sunbathing are therefore beneficial for a constant vitamin D level. In the winter months, the solarium offers an alternative to sunbathing outdoors.

video area

Video area for in between. Take your time and watch some movies. The selection is huge and awesome.

Lounge & Bar

The lounge offers quiet places to read, discuss and/or simply whistle with your new acquaintances. We offer many non-alcoholic drinks, but also wines, champagne, coffee and tea. We always prepare small dishes especially for you.

Lockable wardrobe

We provide the lockable cupboard. You can lock your private belongings and we will give you the bath towel for indoor use.



Of course you will find the condoms, lubricants and everything you need for fun with us for free.